By Geurt van de Heg.

I expected a peaceful life after the sale of my companies, a time to relax. One of the most relaxing things for me is to sail on my motor yacht over the lakes, rivers, and canals of Holland, enjoying the wonderful ambiance of our country.

Jim on the right, with his manager and me.

In all my business endeavors I met many people, but just a few relationships with quality were maintained in a lasting way. I point the floodlight on one of them. It is my long lasting relationship with Jim, my partner in the business in China.

Jim grew up in Taiwan and moved to China mainland at a certain point in time. There he started a production company which grew to over 1000 employees (economic growth seemed limitless). Nowadays he concentrates with full force at management of production and the logistics from start-to-finish for his current factory and China-Direct trade management.

I take the liberty to qualify him as absolute trustworthy and professional, based on a more than 30 years cooperation.

September this year he came over to the Netherlands. We had a good time and I loved it to show this man our country. Some business relations have asked me to help them with setting up business with China. At that time this idea wasn’t very appealing to me, but since Jim visited us and he spoke about seeing each other every now and then in the process of serving people with China Direct Trade Management, I received inspiration to come on board.

Jim is my main motivation. I am fully aware of his loyalty and ethics, he is more like a good friend than a business partner. With his friendly and professional support and my desire to remain in touch and to support him, I see this now as a way to have fun with him and those businessmen that like to work together with us.

This isn’t about the need of money. It’s about the possibility to enjoy on a relaxed level of what I always have considered as the cream on the business cake: participating in creative processes and sharing mutual interests with positive people. As long as this values will be respected in existing as well as in new relationships, will all of us be able to gain profit from China Direct Trade Management.

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